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Life of a gamer geek



I love how ever since I covered the cameras on my phone with tape you fucks who have a hardon with watching me have shown up in the parking lot in droves. Same thing with blocking phone numbers. Do i have to be dead before I get any peace?


Dont act like I dont know you got the cops hanging around outside.

I wonder how much crack hes trying to get from that guy in the purple jeep.

News flash fucknuts- Just because Im a liberal who doesnt like Trump doesnt mean you can send drones and choppers around my home all day long and have to get people parked outside my window. I hope Starbucks hires MORE immigrants who just need jobs.

So you wanna hack my journal and change my password just because you are asschapped for getting your own general hypocricies exposed? How about I expose even MORE about you bitches.




How about instead of trying to silence me electronically you come do it physically. I'll beat your asses so hard you'll be shitting bone matter for the rest of your life.

I tried keeping to myself but NOOOOOOOOOO no matter how hard I apologize, learn from, and make up for my mistakes you assholes have to keep fucking with me. Treat me like a mindless psycho and Ill show you how much of a maniac I can be! Trump cant save you from my words, hes too busy fingering little girls at the whitehouse to care.
I hereby think "alt-right" is a new term for "Butthurt Nazi"

Also, does this make you cry?


You want me to stop telling the truth about you stupid racist special snowflake fuckheads! COME AND FIND ME! I WANT YOU TO FIND ME!

So remind me, who are the SJWs this time?

People who are in leauge of our xenophobic pedophile president got their maga panties all pissy because of the Budweiser Ad showing the founder immigrating from Germany to America and people around him giving him a hard time because back in those days people were against immigration.


Wow, for people who claim to be all American you sure do have a fucking problem with "The American Dream". Seriously, you alt right fuckers get all offended at everything now. Star Wars, Kellogs, Pepsi, Cheerios, Starbucks, and now this.

You people who support this are some of the biggest thin-skinned bunch of pussies I ever known in my life, and this is coming from a guy who's followed the SJW craze you hypocrits created just to make yourselves sound smarter. Got a problem with me calling you out come find me, I live in Flint. Im sure Matthew can tell you how to find me. I'll be waiting here for you.
They need make Ambien otc. Im sick of laying in bed with my eyes closed instead of sleeping.
New rule when I watch a YT video. If somebody in it reviews a movie or whatever and tries to blame liberalism or feminism for the subject being bad Im thumbing it down with about twelve different alt accounts. People blaming the left for how badly the new movies and cartoons are is probably why we have a pedophile right wing facist in office. I dont like the new Ghostbusters movie either but I dont make stupid political soapboxes out of it just because the movie was shit.
But you know, I shouldn't have to block about five different area codes. People just need to quit calling me so fucking much.
After two days of no phone calls I got some clarity in my head. I actually got some sleep. Even felt good enough to walk through the snow to go get some breakfast.

How did people get this far in life without snapping before smartphones and call blocking? Call block is a feature EVERY phone needs, including landlines.