Miki x Askua

I fucking LOVE weed

Weed makes my mood better. It makea me relaxed. It helps me gather my thoughts. It helps me forget the bullshit world we live in.

Thank you god. Ecen though you fucked up the world premeditatedly you still gave us a wonderful plant
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Miki x Askua

Well guess I'm back to posting on here

Yeah, twitter decided to ban me awhile back because i called Tomi Laurhen a retard because she claimed PRESIDENT Biden (Yes, Biden is president, get mad, please!) had a purse just because he wears a mask in public.

It's fine for me. Twitter is a cesspool of shit. They let people post about how pedophilia is okay without any sort of suspension or something, or let right wingy incel kekfrogs call people the N word over and over. Id rather not share a social media that lets people do that shit.

Gonna try and revamp my posting habits and try my best to stay out of drama. Not gonna be as pessesmistic as i used to be on here.
Miki x Askua

If God was real the only thing I'd thank him for is weed

For real! Weed helps me sleep, helps my brain force the flashbacks away with more positive memories, makes the 24/7 pain marathon that goes on in several parts of my body go away for at least a little while, and helps me deal with the rest of the bullshit God arbetrarly throws at us like a little kid with too much power.

Don't judge me... Of you know what, judge me if you want, i don't give a fuck anymore! Im tired of having to change my lifestyle, views, and opinions, just to suit other people.