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Life of a gamer geek
Can somebody please tell me or ask me something positive? It might help me cope.
5 hit combo or KO
Somebody help me remove myself from reality or make reality go away. I don't want a be part of it anymore

Is it so wrong to just want to go away?
I found a way to record phone calls. Now I have voice data to make finding my harassers easier.
I don't know what to do anymore.
I can't sleep anymore without drugs.
I keep having flashbacks of bad memories
People are getting away with doing stuff that if I did them I'd be punished no questions asked.
I want a reason to go on living but outside of taking care of Rika and playing videogames I feel like I wasted my life and I can't do anything about it. I want stable work and days where I don't wish I died in my sleep.

I'm too scared to commit suicide as I fear pain and a possibility of Hell being a punishment. I'm just waiting till I die now.

If only I can sleep like a normal human being my body and brain would function properly.
Still alive
Still haven't completely lost it yet.
God I wanna die just so the flashbacks will stop!
here’s the kids info (found in another tweet):
Name: Cam Rawaz
Town: Plaquemine, LA
School: Plaquemine High School
Twitter: @cammrawwazz
IG: @cammrawwazz
Phone #: 225 687 6367 https://t.co/1H4CbgbW5f

I hope somebody ties you up and flings you down the street. I'd personally slam your skull down on the ground till brain matter starts bleeding out of your ears. Kill yourself before somebody makes your end painful like you did to those dogs.

Bleed for us
Your chemtrails couldn't kill me. Sorry. I know you tried to poison me and made me very sick for over a week. Why don't you try killing me the old fashion way. Dont worry, if you fail I'll show you on the corpse of your next assassin.

Back the fuck off or I'll put you in a fucking hole. One where no one will find you.
The noose is hung. Who wants to go first?
Banon is gonna be the next republican an Judas. He's betraying your BABY-FUCKER president Trump and he's gonna get fucked so bad. Maybe the right wing will kill itself off. Maybe literally. I wanna see their blood.
Street justice is coming for your ass. Hope you are good and sobbing for your life on your knees. Do it funny enough and you might survive. Hopefully you can crawl with your knees broken, get to practicing of you wanna live. Justice for Daniel Shaver is coming. Pray you either live or die quickly