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gtasuxcoximho's Journal

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Life of a gamer geek
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Just a hard core hedonist gamer who enjoys life and would rather die than have my freedoms and pleasures taken from me.

All thoughts kept in this journal under a friend lock must never leave this journal.
So yeah, that's my blog. If you wanna read my shit, send me a friend request, if I can trust you I'll approve you. Don't like what I have to say? Then fuck off!


Pokemon White friend code: 0647 6415 2978
Xbox live, PSN and Steam: judekhanzo
Phantasy Star 0 friend code: 1850 4931 9618
3DS friend code: 2750-1166-3233

2d fighters, adventure games, alys brangwin, angry video game nerd, aqua teen hunger force, arcades, ass, ayane, battle metal, beating people up, beavis and butthead, big boss, blind guardian, blue dragon, boobs, breaking shit, burping, capcom, cats, cell, chronicles of riddick, chrono trigger, chun-li, chun-li's ass, chun-li's thighs, cornholio, dead or alive, diablo 2, doom, doom 2, doom 3, dragon ball, dragon quest, dragon warrior, dragonforce, dreamcast, dune, dungeons and dragons, dynasty warriors, elder scrolls, emulation, erdrick, f3, fable, fasha, fear factory, fighting games, final doom, final fantasy 3, final fight, gameboy advance, gears of war, god hand, guilty gear, hadouken, half-life, halo, handsome tom, haruhi suzumiya, hedonism, homestar runner, iced earth, jessica albert, jojo's bizarre adventure, karen erra, kei x yuri, ken masters, king of fighters, lesbians, magic the gathering, max payne, mega man, metal gear, micheal romeo, mmorpgs, monster rancher, morrowind, mortal kombat, mountain dew, mst3k, naked lesbians, naked women, nerdy stuff, nes, nintendo, nintendo ds, nintendo wii, nostalgia critic, old school games, old school rpgs, painkiller, paradise lost, phantasy star, piccolo, picking on fanboys, playstation, playstation 2, pokemon, power metal, powerman 5000, psp, pussy, ragnarok online, rhapsody, rolf landale, rpgs, ryu, sakura kasugano, screwattack, sega, sega genesis, shining force, shoryuken, sifl and olly, silent hill, sin city, snk, sonata arctica, sonic the hedgehog, star wars, static-x, street fighter, street fighter alpha, street fighter ii, street fighter iv, street fighter yuri, streets of rage, sub-zero, suikoden, swearing, sweet tooth, symphony x, team fortress 2, tekken, the game heroes, the spoony experiment, twisted metal, videl, video games, vin diesel, virtua fighter, walter sullivan, warcraft, windows xp, xbox, xbox 360, xenogears, yangus, yuri, yuri hentai

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